“Anna”: is retired from the management field, likes reading, taking walks & seeing family & friends. 

“Doris & Elizabeth”: have no family in the area & love the socialization & diversity of the events the Staying Put program provides. 

“Carol”: is not able to partake in the events but enjoys the friendly visits from the volunteers & phone calls to check that she’s ok. 

“Alice”: is retired from modeling, enjoys the communication with volunteers while being taken to her therapy, and likes being able to set appointments months ahead of time. 

“Susan”: does some P/T work over the phone from home, has some command of other languages, and takes pleasure from having a small dog. 

“Martha”: has been a member of the Staying Put program for over a year & really enjoys the phone calls & visits. Her daughter feels that the Staying Put program has been a blessing to not only her mother, Martha, but for herself as well, as she does not reside in the area, close to her mother. 

“John”: retired teacher, is a history buff & is thankful for the program due to being mostly home-bound & the ability to socialize through the outings he gets to enjoy with other members. 

“Earl”: likes to read & travel, has been a member since the summer of 2016 & not only likes the transportation, but also the social events that he is able to attend.