We need volunteers!

Since 2004 we have provided home-bound seniors in our community with important services of transportation and companionship. Our Staying Put in Lower Bucks program needs more volunteers to help our shut-in seniors and those who can no longer drive. We need volunteers willing to:

  • provide transportation to area doctors and hospitals
  • provide transportation for grocery shopping or pick up & pharmacy pickup
  • make calls by telephone or quick stop-ins to check on well-being,
  • provide minor assistance in the home such as changing light bulbs and fire detector batteries.

If you are interested in becoming an IOC volunteer, please connect with our Volunteer Coordinator, Francine McFadden, at (215) 428-0500 extension 104 or by e-mail at


Thank You to Our Existing Volunteers

The Ivins Outreach Center (IOC) is thankful and never takes for granted the efforts of our volunteers who consistently participate in our organization’s programs and activities. We would never be able to fulfill our mission in the community without the generous donation of their time.



One of the Staying Put elves delivers a basket that was made by the Tech School and Holy Trinity students; a total of 30 baskets were delivered. The baskets had wooden ornaments, which were personalized, wreaths, baked goods and more.
The IOC also received incredibly generous donations by several individuals and businesses to help spread the Christmas spirit and joy to many.


Training is paramount to better serving our clients and members.  Every volunteer that works with an Ivins Outreach Center client or member has undergone training.