The Ivins Outreach Center is a community outreach organization that provides quality of life programs for youth to older adults in Lower Bucks County.

  • It enables seniors to age gracefully in their homes or apartments and remain engaged in their community through its Staying Put program; 
  • It helps people find and apply for existing services and programs offered by area social agencies through its Resource & Referral program;
  • In partnership with the Morrisville School District, the Bucks County Technical School, and the Bristol Borough School District, it manages after-school and summer enrichment programs for youth; and
  • It helps youth, families and older adults in need.

    Staying Put in Lower Bucks County

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Staying Put in Lower Bucks County is our program to help seniors in our area “Age in Place.”  This program permits the elderly to remain in their homes when they no longer can drive or can’t take care of the issues associated with home maintenance.  Read more about this program on the Staying Put page.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Staying Put, please call us at 215-428-0500. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to help those who no longer can drive in Lower Bucks, please call us at 215-428-0500. 

Pennsylvania Business Tax Credits

The Ivins Outreach Center is an approved Opportunity Scholarship Organization for Pennsylvania Business Tax Credits. Contributions from PA businesses will be used to fund scholarships for students at low-performing schools in Lower Bucks County. (Talk to your tax accountant about this.) Click here for more information.


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