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How you can help



Since 2004 we have provided home-bound seniors in our community with important services of transportation and companionship. Our Staying Put in Lower Bucks program needs more volunteers to help our shut-in seniors and those who can no longer drive. We need volunteers willing to:

  • provide transportation to area doctors and hospitals

  • provide transportation for grocery shopping or pick up & pharmacy pickup

  • make calls by telephone or quick stop-ins to check on well-being,

  • provide minor assistance in the home such as changing light bulbs and fire detector batteries.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, IOC has been assisting our community but coordinating meal, grocery and supply deliveries, driving our seniors to doctors appointments, and more. 

*Community service hours are available.

To apply to be a volunteer, please complete the volunteer application here.



Providing financial support to Ivins Outreach Center helps offset the costs of prepared meals, groceries, and transportation for our seniors and community members in need. Please visit our donation page to help us help those that are really struggling to survive this potentially devastating pandemic.

*Donations are tax deductible. 


Through, you can run a fundraiser on behalf of Ivins. To create a fundraiser, click here.


Spread the word

By sharing our website or Facebook page, you're helping us share resources with community members in need. Every share counts!

To visit us on Facebook, click here.

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