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How you can Help your community


Interested in volunteering? We provide volunteer opportunities to...


Monetary donations, no matter the amount, go a long way to helping us provide services and supplies to our community. Please consider making a donation today!


Do you have food, winter coats, clothes, school supplies, or anything else you'd like to donate to our community members in need? Send us a message and we'll reach out to you ASAP!


Spread the word! Sharing our page helps community members in need find valuable resources.

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A letter from the Board of Directors...


“STAYING PUT” It’s not just what we should all be doing to stay safe from COVID-19… but it’s also the name of our flagship program to help older adults in Lower Bucks County. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are expanding the STAYING PUT program to serve seniors who are homebound and/or highly susceptible to contracting this virus and we need your help! Please consider assisting:

  • Volunteer to deliver meals and prescriptions to vulnerable seniors with our no-contact protocol, in which you’ll never need to enter a store, pharmacy or home (all outdoor pickups and front step drop offs).

  • Refer people in need; homebound seniors, those with compromised immune systems, and those already facing life threatening illness, to our program (call 215-428-0500 ext. 101 or email Lower Bucks County residents only please.

  • Provide financial support to Ivins Outreach Center to help offset the costs of prepared meals, groceries, and transportation. Please visit our donation page to help us help those that are really struggling to survive this potentially devastating pandemic.

Thank you!

The Ivins Resource Center Staff and Board of Directors


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