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Seed to fork at snipes farm

Seed to Fork is a summer program for students entering grades 9 through 12. The students learn “the story of food” and its impact on their health, the community, and the economy as well as:

• Learn how to care for farm animals including chickens, turkeys, an emu and pigs.

• Learn how to grow their own food.

• Plant seeds, tend crops, and harvest fruits and vegetables.

• Learn how to cook delicious, farm fresh food.

• Complete building projects.

• Help plan and implement an interactive flower and vegetable flower and vegetable garden for children

About the Program

Seed to Fork links teens with farm fresh food and educational activities that bring the whole world of agriculture to life and help instill lifestyle choices that nurture their bodies, their communities, and the planet. Young people who have the chance to dig in a garden, learn about nutrition, agriculture and the natural world, and have the opportunity to cook fresh foods, are more likely to eat these healthy foods when they are served in the school cafeteria and when available to them at home. Teens will experience hands-on farm projects and lessons on different aspects of growing including plant propagation, animal husbandry and fruit growing.


Teens participate in activities and projects that explore global farm issues; comparing “conventional” and sustainable farming. Films and other resources will also be used to inform the students. Each day the participants will prepare a healthy snack that connects to that day’s topic.

Citrus Fruits




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